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BizZtel, a web-based two-way Bulk SMS Service, brings together the speed of the internet and the ubiquity of the mobile phone to offer an interactive and cost effective Bulk SMS platform for organizations. The SMS solution enables business communication over the mobile, creates new customer touch points for company and client communication and provides a cost effective platform for interacting with a wider audience in a very short span of time.

BizZtel Bulk SMS Services offers compelling price-performance ratios unmatched by traditional media with its offerings like Bulk SMS software & Bulk SMS alerts and it also enables the creation of a two way SMS channel for generating leads, promoting products/services, communicating with employees, receiving feedback from customers and sending automated Bulk SMS alerts. Clients can easily configure a unique reply number (dedicated short code) through the web interface allowing recipients to easily respond to a Bulk SMS campaign.

In-built SMS Gateway API (HTTP) facilitates integration of two-way Bulk SMS Service with clients' existing website, ERP/CRM solutions or any other web based applications.

A client can use BizZ Tel Bulk SMS Services in 3 different ways,

  • Web Based Bulk SMS Software: It offers extremely robust & technologically advanced web-based two-way Bulk SMS Services, empowering our clients to communicate with their target audience in a cost effective way instantly. Click here to know more about the features of BizZtel Bulk SMS Software.
  • Bulk SMS Excel Plug-in: Download & Install Bulk SMS Excel Plug-in to send different SMS to different mobile number in one go and send SMS directly from the excel sheet.
  • SMS Gateway API (HTTP): For integrating 2-way Bulk SMS Services with websites, ERP/CRM Solutions or any other applications to send out automated Bulk SMS Alerts and Request-Response SMS Services.
  • Our online Bulk SMS Software empowers the users with High Quality, Instant Delivery and user friendly Bulk SMS Services which takes the user experience to a whole new level.

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    Bizztel bulk features imageFeatures of Bulk SMS Services

    BizZtel's Bulk SMS Services focuses primarily around the services like Group SMS, SMS messaging software and bulk texting. Our Group SMS software has been specifically developed considering the new age requirements of modern age marketers, stock brokers and other financial services.

  • Web Based Bulk SMS Service. No Software required.
  • Simple process: Login >> Compose >> Send.
  • Send messages with your company/brand/product name as Sender ID.
  • Manage all your contacts in specific groups online.
  • Import your mobile number contacts to "My Contacts".
  • Excel sheet upload- Send different messages to different mobile recipients at a time.
  • Create and save messages in My Template.
  • 2 - way messaging facility- to get response from all your bulk SMS recipients.
  • Get Delivery Reports of all SMS Campaigns
  • Schedule your SMS Campaigns at future date & time.
  • Download detailed activity reports of your usage.
  • Online payment Mechanism visa Credit card/Net banking.
  • View and Save Receipts of online payment transaction
  • BizZtel's Bulk SMS services include SMS from PC and Group SMS that enables enterprises to communicate with target audience for SMS marketing.

    Bizztel bulk voice sms imageVoice SMS

    Voice SMS or Outbound Dialer (OBD) is a technology that automates bulk voice calls to mobile/telephone users and playing pre-recorded messages. Bulk Voice SMS or Outbound dialer system can dial out the required set of phone numbers and play the recorded prompts (messages) and also gather touch-tone inputs from the end-users to measure the response of the bulk voice SMS campaign.

    Voice SMS platform from BizZtel has been conceptualized based on latest technology trends to handle bulk Voice call traffic for both inbound as well as outbound service models. The bulk voice call platform provides state of the art functions required for Outbound Dialers with a modular and scalable architecture that can be customized to suit requirements of the enterprises.

    Many of the modern day marketers have chosen voice broadcasting as a promotion medium to reach out to the large Indian audience in their regional language to create a personal touch. Moreover close to 90% of Indian population being non English speaking, marketers/enterprises chose bulk voice SMS or outbound dialer as a solution to reach them in their own language

    Please send your business enquiries for bulk voice SMS at or fill up the Enquiry Form or call us at 9762816776.

    Voice SMS - Features
    Voice Broadcasting & Bulk Voice SMS

  • Outdial and Retry mechanism
    • The system can make multiple outbound calls at a time. For voice calls that do not get completed as the user's phone is busy, not-reachable etc, retry mechanism is available
  • DNC list for each campaign
    • The entire DCN (Do Not Call) mobile number database will be filtered for each campaign
  • Multi channel dialing
    • Our outbound dialer platform in capable of dialing parallel calls for quick completion of the campaign.
  • Get user response through Touch-tones
    • We provide you a facility integrate a user response via pressing various keys on mobile phone/telephone
      • > Press 1 to book your tickets
      • > Press 2 to get a call back OR
      • > Press 3 if you are not interested
  • Call forwarding option
    • We provide you a facility to play an automated call (IVR) for an incoming call and on choosing a right option (Press 5 to talk to our Executive) and automatic call forwarding can be enabled
  • Integrate with third party
    • Integration with third-party systems like Websites, applications, ERP or CRM systems can be done on real-time using standard method like HTTP for outbound as well as inbound voice calls
  • Scheduling Bulk Voice campaigns
    • You can schedule your voice campaign on a predefined date and time. The called will be dialed out only at that time. Multiple messages can be scheduled with overlapping time/date ranges. These are handled independently of each other
  • Reporting
    • We will share the extensive real-time reporting on the behavior of the voice campaign

    BizZtel's Bulk SMS services include SMS from PC and Group SMS that enables enterprises to communicate with target audience for SMS marketing.

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